SO MANY THINGS START TO MAKE SENSE IN "AVENGED" — BOOK 3 of the Justin Wright Suspense Series.

It all starts with Richard Davis, Justin's new patient seeking help for uncontrollable anger and hostility. He can barely walk a New York City street without exploding at the people around him. Can Justin relieve him of his negativity or is he too consumed with his own son Michael — a boy found after seven years in captivity who is now void of any compassion or joy?

As with the first two books, "Avenged" is teeming with emotion and suspense, not only because of Richard Davis and Michael's issues, but also because Frank Devlin and Jade continue to haunt Justin and Mandy from afar. As with all Rob Kaufman books, readers get the ride of their lives on a roller coaster of thrills and uncertainty until the very last page.

Can this be the final Justin Wright Suspense Novel? That, dear reader, will be up to you.

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