A Broken Reality

On a fateful night in the dead of winter, an unimaginable tragedy changes the lives of two families forever. How will they manage to deal with reality while stopping the sociopath who is pushing them toward the edge of sanity?

Ten-year-old, Danny Madsen, has been missing for four days when Jesse Carlton begins his own search for his godson on a frigid, snowy night. Driving along a deserted rural road, Jesse hits a stretch of black ice at the same time Danny appears from the thicket. From that moment, life changes for everyone.

When Jesse regains consciousness, he has no recollection of how he and his car wound up in a ditch. However, there's a witness: Charles Hastings, the sociopathic kidnapper who chased Danny through the brush and onto the road where Jesse was driving.

Hastings takes this chance to set up Jesse so he'll take the fall for both Danny's fate and his own psychotic actions. And so the mind games begin -- an onslaught of psychological manipulation that devastates everyone involved and puts them on a rollercoaster of emotions and confusion that seems never-ending... until the final and devastating truth is revealed.

If you enjoy books like The Girl on the Train, Gone Girl and movies like Gone Baby Gone and Taken, you'll love this gripping thriller of fiction, a novel of pure suspense that will keep you on the edge until the final word.

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