Why You Enjoy Suspense… and the rush that comes with it.


Psychological thrillers are one of the most popular genres in literature. The genre is known for its fast-paced plots, intense storylines, and heart-racing endings.

Psychological thrillers are known to be intense because they focus on the mental state of characters instead of their physical state.

The protagonist is typically a victim of some kind of mental or physical abuse and becomes involved in an increasingly tense and frightening situation. What makes these novels so addictive is that the reader becomes invested in the protagonist’s personal struggle and the suspenseful events surrounding the main character often make it difficult for readers to put down the book (or turn off their television screens).

Why are suspenseful books so popular?

The popularity of psychological thrillers can be attributed to two major factors. First, it is easier for authors to connect with their readers by using common fears and anxieties as a starting point for their stories. Second, people are drawn to these types of books because they offer an escape from the real-life problems that many people face today.

So why do people like to be scared?

The suspense genre is full of twists and turns, with unexpected endings. This is what people like about it. It’s the same feeling that people get when they are scared – their heart rate increases, they can’t stop thinking about it, and they just want to know what will happen next.

Some people like to be scared. It’s a fact that many of us enjoy suspense and mystery, which is why we watch horror movies, read mystery novels and play video games. Many people like the thrill of not knowing what will happen next in a story.

They like to be scared because it’s an adrenaline rush and it’s exciting. And who doesn’t like those feelings? PLUS, these books and movies allow us to solidify the fact the we are physically safe. We derive pleasure from the suspense as long as we believe we are physically distant from what we’re reading (or watching).

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